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FW/1 4.0.0 Released!

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The Gold Release of FW/1 4.0.0 is available for general release and production use. The focus of this release is improved REST support:

  • JSON-encoded and URL-encoded POST / PUT body support.
  • Controllers have easy access to HTTP headers.
  • Builder syntax for renderData() result elements.
  • Support for user-supplied rendering functions.
  • Integrated support for HTTP OPTIONS verb.
  • Per-resource error handling.
  • Setting status text (in addition to status code) in HTTP responses.
  • Wildcard HTTP method support.

Dependency Injection (DI/1) has also received a lot of attention in this release, including the addition of a flexible and powerful builder syntax for declaring beans.

See the FW/1 4.0.0 Change Log for full details of all the enhancements and bug fixes. Please note that there are a few breaking (or potentially breaking) changes since 3.5.1, with the most notable one being that Adobe ColdFusion 10 is now the minimum supported version. Support for Railo and Lucee has not changed.

This will be followed by a 4.1 maintenance release and a 4.5 migration release, which will pave the way for some breaking changes planned for the 5.0 release. For more details of future plans, consult the FW/1 Roadmap.