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A few folks have asked me to post the “napkin” on which I wrote the spec for FW/1. My “napkin” is actually Evernote because I have it on every computer and my iPhone so it’s always with me and it’s easy to develop notes with. I started the spec on July 17th and “finished” it on July 20th. The spec was titled “New Lightweight Framework”. Here’s what it said:

Goal: Create an extremely lightweight convention over configuration framework. Considerations:

  • Leverage Application.cfc and lifecycle
  • Automatically call controller, model, view if appropriate
  • Autowire from bean factory?
  • Application.cfc extends org.corfield.X
  • Programmatically set everything, no XML
  • variables.framework struct to specify everything
  • variables.framework.action is URL / form variable for the, er, action, defaults to 'action'
  • variables.framework.home is home action, defaults to main.default fold URL / form into request.context
  • ?action=section.item maps to controllers/section.cfc:item() then models/section.cfc:item() then views/section/item.cfm
  • implicit layouts based on actions


  • Should controller / model be instantiated every request or cached?
  • How should cache be refreshed?

That’s it. I wrote the first version of FW/1 on July 19th. You can see the original 381 line framework.cfc on Github. So there you go: an insight into my design process!

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