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FW/1 Roadmap, DI/1 Etc

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Last year I’d talked about getting at least an alpha of FW/1 2.0 out the door by year end. It didn’t happen. I was reminded of this on the FW/1 mailing list the other day and I provided a fairly detailed response on the plans for FW/1. I figured, since I haven’t blogged about FW/1 in a while, I should post that roadmap response on my blog as well.

Is the 1.x version outdated?

No, the 1.x stream will continue to be supported. It will get bug fixes but it will not get new feature - except where I want to provide a migration path for people moving to 2.0 (for example, if I remove certain things marked deprecated in the docs, I’ll provide the new API in a 1.x build to make it easier for folks to transition to 2.0). Expect at least a 1.3 version, possibly more. These versions will continue to support CFMX7+ as well as the older versions of Railo and OpenBD that 1.2 currently runs on.

Wasn’t 2.0 imminent late last year?

Yes, FW/1 2.0 was very imminent at that point but work and then conference preparations overwhelmed me and it got put on the back burner for a while, along with DI/1.

Since a respite is coming in my day job (World Singles) - we’re launching the second phase of our new platform soon - and I have a couple of months before the next conference, I expect to get back on top of FW/1 2.0 soon and once an alpha of that is available, I’ll work on DI/1 to get an alpha of that out as well. And then I’ll probably focus on cfmljure for a while, as we start to add Clojure to our production code base at work. And then it’ll be beta versions of FW/1 2.0 and DI/1 and cfmljure, round and round, until they’re all three “baked” and ready for official releases.

So DI/1 is coming?

Yes, DI/1 is still on my radar - I have plans for it at work so it will definitely happen! It’s just been delayed (ironically, by the pressures of work). Since FW/1 2.0, DI/1 1.0 and cfmljure 1.0 will all be used in my production code at work, you can expect them to receive regular updates once I actually get to the alpha releases!