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New FW/1 - Framework One - Organization on Github

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To make it easier to manage collaboration on FW/1-related projects in future, several projects have now moved under a new FW/1 - Framework One - organization on Github. Your forks and watches should have been updated but if you have local clones of the old repos under my personal Github account, you’ll want to update those. Here’s the full list of Framework One projects:

If you were a collaborator on one of these projects before, you will no longer have commit access (because you were a collaborator directly on my repo). If you’d like to become a collaborating team member on one of these projects as part of the new organization, contact me directly to discuss that. I’d certainly like to see some of the regular contributors in the past become official “Team Framework One” members in the new organization!

Thank you to all the contributors who’ve helped get these projects to where they are now!