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Today saw the announcement of the Lucee Association Switzerland and the release of a new open source CFML engine: Lucee 4.5.0.

For background on the new engine and the association behind it, read Adam Cameron’s blog post with Q&A about the launch.

I’ve already migrated all my local test environments to Lucee and can report that FW/1 (and DI/1 and cfmljure) all run beautifully on it - and it will be my primary test environment for future development of the FW/1 family going forward.

I’ve also migrated my local dev environment for World Singles over to Lucee and that went pretty smoothly too (I encountered just two issues - both minor, one already fixed in Lucee’s master repository).

The Lucee wiki has information about downloading and installing Lucee, as well as building Lucee from source, and how to migrate from Railo to Lucee (hint: it’s really easy - stop the server, remove railo.jar, add lucee.jar, start the server).

Have fun with Lucee!

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