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FW/1 3.0 Beta 1 Available

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Just over four weeks ago, I released FW/1 3.0 Alpha 1 and declared it feature complete. There were some big changes in that release and, in particular, some long-standing features were removed (after being deprecated in FW/1 2.5) and some recently-introduced features were also deprecated. Today I am releasing the first Beta version which includes bug fixes and usability enhancements, focusing primarily on DI/1 and AOP/1.

FW/1 3.0 Alpha 1 Available for Testing!

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I consider FW/1 3.0 to be feature complete at this point so I am releasing Alpha 1 for testing. I expect people to run into a few bugs - this release has some big changes in it, compared to the 2.x release stream - and it’s possible that new feature requests will crop up during alpha testing, but everything I wanted to change is in place.

FW/1 2.5 Is Released!

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This is a migration release to pave the way for breaking changes in Release 3.0. All examples have been updated to latest best practices and now use cfcscript exclusively. Examples use DI/1 0.5.0 to manage all beans and services (as framework.ioc), and no longer rely on start/end actions or the service() method.

FW/1 Releases and Roadmap

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Today I released the first FW/1 Version 2.2 Release Candidate for testing. See below for the list of changes in this release, compared to Version 2.1. I also released a maintenance update for the old compatibility branch: FW/1 Version 1.3 (the “Latest Release” label is due to Github’s view of the world, but it is the latest 1.x release). This is the version to use if you’re on CFMX 7, CF 8, CF 9.0.0, Railo versions prior to 3.2, or OpenBD.

FW/1 the Year Ahead

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With FW/1 Version 2.2 just around the corner - after a long time in incubation - and FW/1 itself being almost four and a half years old, it’s a good time to look ahead at what’s in store.

Where Can I Download Old Versions of FW/1?

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I’ve been asked this several times recently so I figured it was worth a blog post. First of, why would anyone want older versions of the framework? Well, if they’re running on Adobe ColdFusion 9.0.0 or earlier, they can’t use the 2.x release stream: they’re stuck on 1.x. Also, if they’re currently using an old version and don’t want a major upgrade, they might want a minor upgrade for a bug fix.

New FW/1 - Framework One - Organization on Github

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To make it easier to manage collaboration on FW/1-related projects in future, several projects have now moved under a new FW/1 - Framework One - organization on Github. Your forks and watches should have been updated but if you have local clones of the old repos under my personal Github account, you’ll want to update those. Here’s the full list of Framework One projects:

FW/1 Version 2.1 Released

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FW/1 2.1 is now the official master release.

The develop branch has been merged to master and the ‘v2.1’ tag has been added. Work on version 2.2 will soon start on the develop branch.

FW/1 2.0 Released

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After a long period of testing out in the wild FW/1 2.0 reached RC2 back in October and no further bugs have been reported. Only documentation remained and that has now been completed. FW/1 2.0 is gold and can be downloaded from FW/1’s GitHub Releases page. Happy Holidays!

Cfmljure Updated

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Even tho’ it’s far from a 1.0 release, I’ve updated the cfmljure project on github to contain the latest version that we’re using at World Singles and update the examples so they work again, along with updated instructions - mainly that the Clojure code needs to be in WEB-INF/classes/ so that it can be picked up dynamically. This is a fundamental piece of our infrastructure at World Singles, since we rely heavily on Clojure for the Model of our application, with our View-Controller in CFML. It’s not intended to be general purpose code but if you want to play around with calling Clojure from CFML, it should get you started.

Don’t forget the cfmljure mailing list if you need assistance!

FW/1 Roadmap, DI/1 Etc

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Last year I’d talked about getting at least an alpha of FW/1 2.0 out the door by year end. It didn’t happen. I was reminded of this on the FW/1 mailing list the other day and I provided a fairly detailed response on the plans for FW/1. I figured, since I haven’t blogged about FW/1 in a while, I should post that roadmap response on my blog as well.

FW/1 1.2 Available

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The official 1.2 release of Framework One - FW/1 - has just been tagged and published on github. You can download it from GitHub.

Release Candidate 2 had been out for about a month with no issues reported. A few small enhancements were made since RC2. You can see the list of commits here, on github.

Cfmljure Mailing List

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I mentioned it in passing in one of my early posts about using Clojure from CFML but, since only one person signed up, thought it was worth mentioning again: there is a mailing list for cfmljure where you can ask questions about the project and Clojure itself or, if you’re new to CFML and coming from the Clojure world, you can ask questions about CFML!

I’m planning to add a couple of more involved examples to the project repo, one of which will use FW/1 and have the entire Model built in Clojure with the View-Controller portion written in CFML / cfscript - and I’m also planning to create a simple ready-to-run Jetty-based package so folks can simply download cfmljure and try it out without needing to worry about installing anything.

You can always get the latest version of cfmljure from GitHub!