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I’m pleased to announce that after lots of user testing and almost no issues found, the Gold Release of FW/1 3.0 is now available!

About two and a half weeks ago I released FW/1 3.0 RC 2 and only one minor issue was reported (an inconsistency between buildURL() and buildCustomURL() regarding how baseURL was handled). That has been fixed, along with the addition of a new extension point for DI/1 (metadata()).

You can see a full list of issues fixed in FW/1 for 3.0 and a full list of issues fixed in DI/1 1.0 on GitHub. This represents the official release of DI/1 1.0 as well.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the 3.0 release - it’s been a long time in the making! Particular thanks go to Nando Breiter for migrating the DI/1 documentation from the old wiki to the new FW/1 website. Also thanks to John Berquist, Ryan Guill, Cameron Childress, and Adam Tuttle for you code contributions and everyone who tested prerelease builds of FW/1 and reported issues and made suggestions! Thank you!

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