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FW/1 3.1 Begins...

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I released FW/1 3.0 about a month ago and now it’s time to get started on the 3.1 release.

FW/1 3.1 will be primarily a maintenance release. You can read the current list of changes slated for FW/1 3.1 on the GitHub issues page. Depending on how long it takes to get 3.1 done, additional issues may be added. And, of course, some of these issues may be slipped to 3.5 (currently represented by the Clojure branch of FW/1 in the GitHub repo and the short list of FW/1 3.5 issues).

Starting with release 3.0, the FW/1 documentation will be versioned and the top-level page will always represent the latest version in development. You can read the FW/1 3.0 documentation separately already. The sidebar will always show two releases (develop and master) fully linked - older versions will be listed in future, with just a link to the index page.