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FW/1 3.1 Release Candidate 2 Available!

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The second Release Candidate of FW/1 3.1 is now available for testing. You download FW/1 3.1 RC 2 from GitHub.

These are the changes since RC 1:

  • Major overhaul of AOP/1; intercept by CFC type; intercept by CFC name regex (Daniel Budde).
  • Routes now support regex restriction on placeholder variables (Guillaume Boivin).

For a complete list of changes since 3.0:

At this point, release 3.1 should be considered “production ready” and only critical bug fixes will be included between now and the “gold” release. It will be merged to master tomorrow in preparation for the final release at the weekend.

As noted before, release 3.5 will follow fairly quickly after that, with a focus on language integration, bringing automatic support for Clojure code in the Model and Controllers, as well as first class support for the Lucee Language in the Model, the Views, and the Controllers.