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The “gold” release of FW/1 3.1 (3.1.0) is now available for production use! You can download FW/1 3.1.0 from GitHub.

FW 3.1 is a maintenance release of the 3.x series, containing a number of bug fixes and enhancements. The main new feature of release 3.1 is the addition of AOP/1, thanks to the tireless work of Daniel Budde.


AOP/1 brings Aspect-Oriented Programming to FW/1 applications by extending the capabilities of DI/1 with “interceptors” that can be automatically woven into your beans to allow you to call additional methods before, after, or instead of (“around”) the native methods on your beans. Please read the all new AOP/1 documentation provided by Daniel Budde for more details on how to use this powerful new feature.


Bug Fixes

Platform Support

Code of Conduct

As part of my commitment to diversity in IT, Framework One now has a Code of Conduct that encompasses all aspects of interaction with the project: on GitHub, on the mailing list, and in presentations given by community members to promote the framework. This brings Framework in line with a number of progressive open source projects that have adopted a Code of Conduct as a way to make the open source software community more welcoming and more inclusive.


The star contributor for this release is Daniel Budde for rewriting AOP/1 (twice!) so it is ready for inclusion with FW/1! Thank you!

Other contributors, in alphabetical order of GitHub name:

And, yeah, I did a bit too, but FW/1 wouldn’t be where it is today without contributions from the open source CFML community - thank you everyone!

Additional Information

For a complete list of changes since 3.0:

Release 3.5 Alpha 1 will follow shortly, with a focus on language integration, bringing automatic support for Clojure code in the Model and Controllers, as well as first class support for the Lucee Language in the Model, the Views, and the Controllers.

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