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A couple of months have passed since FW/1 3.1 was released but things have been busy behind the scenes!

As indicated in July, work on FW/1 3.5 had been progressing in parallel (the first time two releases of FW/1 have been worked on concurrently!) and you can already download FW/1 3.5 Alpha 2. Yes, there was an Alpha 1 as well, but as work progressed on the massively overhauled 3.5 documentation, some important usability enhancements appeared and a new alpha was released within 24 hours! In particular, the Clojure and CFML Sitting in a Tree section has been extensively updated and includes a fully worked example of how to create FW/1 application from scratch using the REPL to create Clojure services and controllers, with CFML views and layouts!

You’ll also probably notice that the FW/1 website has had a facelift, finally getting the look’n’feel that Kevin Stannard designed five years ago. Better late than never, and huge thanks to Kevin again for his wonderful logo design and choice of colors! The 3.5 documentation now includes a table of contents on each page, making it easier to navigate (this will probably get backported to 3.1 and 3.0 at some point).

In addition to the ongoing work on FW/1 3.5, we also have an important bug fix release for the 3.1.x version which addresses a potential problem with REST APIs.

Finally, if you’re a CommandBox fan, we have good news: you can now easily install FW/1 3.1.2 and 3.5.0 (prerelease) via box. I’ll be blogging about this shortly. The 3.1.2 release is exactly the same as 3.1.1 (including the version number!) but it includes box.json for compatibility with ForgeBox / CommandBox. In addition, Tony Junkes has contributed an initial set of box commands for FW/1 that let you get up and running quickly. This will be covered in the next blog post.

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