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FW/1 Out of the Box

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FW/1 is up on ForgeBox. ForgeBox is the npm / Maven of the CFML world. If you haven’t heard about it – or you think it’s only for “Box” products – you need to check it out! It’s a repository for CFML projects that can be easily installed via Command Box. Wait! You haven’t heard of that either? Gosh, you’ve got some reading to do! It’ll change the way you do development!

Go get it installed, then read on!

Now you have box installed, here’s how to get up and running with FW/1 easily:

> box
CommandBox:mydir> install fw1-commands
... you only need to do this once ...
CommandBox:mydir> mkdir example
CommandBox:mydir> cd example
CommandBox:example> fw1 create app example basic
CommandBox:example> install fw1
... installs stable 3.1.2 version ...
CommandBox:example> start

At this point it’ll open a browser running your new skeleton FW/1 app. Happy coding!

Note that you don’t need to have installed a CFML server, or set up a webroot - box can start a CFML server in any directory so you can get up and running quickly!

You can check out the various FW/1 commands available inside box but, like Ruby on Rails, they let you quickly add new controllers, views, subsystems and so on to your application. Huge kudos to Tony Junkes for contributing this to the FW/1 family of projects!

Going forward, my plan is that install fw1 will always install the current stable (master) version — I just need to remember to keep it up to date! — and you can also install specific versions (currently fw1-3.1.2 and fw1-3.5.0). The latter installs from the develop branch. Support for true multiple version installs is planned for box, possibly next month.

One of the things that is really nice about this is you can switch FW/1 versions as easily as:

CommandBox:example> uninstall fw1
CommandBox:example> install fw1-3.5.0

Now your app is running 3.5.0 (Alpha 2) instead of the stable release!